FIRST AIRED: May 24, 2019

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read the rapid escalation between Iran and the United States may look like a Martin David and Goliath battle Washington is more powerful missile but Iran strategic position and support for malicious all over the Middle East give it plenty of options if things escalate further US forces in the Middle East all within striking range but it's not just a matter of protecting American troops in Iraq Afghanistan and Syria says what his Angus McDowell in bay ridge , it's also has apple spaces and a naval base in the Gulf and its house close allies in Saudi Arabia and Israel would like to protect from the full out in any major conflict those allies also happen to be Iran's arch for use in the region keen on the U. S. taking a tough line US president Donald Trump is trying to cut off all Iranian oil exports and has sent military reinforcements to the region then last Sunday for oil tankers including two from Saudi Arabia were attacked Tehran distanced itself but US officials sources accused of acting free proxy forces against Riyadh the time because we just outside the straight to full moose one of the world's most important shipping lanes I'm just off the Iranian coast yeah Iran's revolutionary guard long ago identified it as a target to cut off oil supplies if there was a way of , the world economy and of course the US economy is part of that is vulnerable to sudden shocks in the oil price which itself could be triggers by any major cuts off full of energy from the Gulf Iran's geographical position opposite Saudi Arabia in the Gulf and along the streets of horror movies three which promises about a fifth of the world's crude oil and its support for the Hezbollah militia in Lebanon for several Shiite militias in Iraq , the %HESITATION see group in Yemen , full face Hezbollah and Iraqi militias in Syria and for the fight to me use an Afghan group of fighters who afford in Syria means the truce is well placed to seek assistance from those allies against U. S. forces interests in the event of any escalation for even conflict , president trump pulled the United States out of the twenty fifteen Iran nuclear pot last year calling it defective he has re imposed crippling sanctions and will do run the two will be met with great force if it's a tax US interests in the region