FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2019

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unity is our power and we have a big fight and we're in the arena house speaker Nancy Pelosi has her hands full keeping Democrats together on Capitol Hill as a family feud turns ugly at her weekly news conference Thursday because he was forced to defend her actions toward for members of the party's progressive wing including Alexandria %HESITATION cuss you Cortez after one of the New York congresswoman's top aide slammed a more moderate group of Democrats known as blue dogs on Twitter is quote new southern Democrats further yes votes on the divisive border funding bill , rockets meeting on Wednesday pollutes the warder members to ditch Twitter and to hear their disagreements and the private because I addressed at the request of my members and offensive tweet they came out of one of the members offices that referenced are blue dogs in our new dams essentially as segregation our members took offense at that I addressed that across the %HESITATION Cortez is among several members new to Congress including ill hunt Omar receded to leave and I am a Presley who frequently clashed with pelo C. earlier this month the group known as the squad failed in their bid to win stronger protections for immigrants detained at the US Mexico border with Posey agreeing to a border spending bill passed by the Republican led Senate handles Lucy's warning to the troops Wednesday %HESITATION Castille Cortez fired back in an interview with The Washington Post and added a racial note saying quote it got to the point where it was just outright disrespectful the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color %HESITATION Castiel Cortez later said she was not accusing pull of the of racism we respect the value of every member of our caucus the diversity of it all is a wonderful thing the Twitter dispute comes at a bad time for policy with major legislative deadlines approaching fast there's the upcoming battle to pass a budget in Congress will soon need to raise the US debt ceiling before the treasury department runs out of money to pay the nation's bills thank you for both efforts close he will need her caucus to hold together but as the bends of this week showed that won't be easy