FIRST AIRED: June 23, 2019

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US president Donald trump's decision to cancel a military strike on Iran is being met with rare approval from both Democrats and Republicans last week from called off plans to hit Aronian targets after Tehran's revolutionary guards corps shot down an unmanned an unarmed American surveillance drones street apartments in the tense hours after the incident trump met with lawmakers from both parties to discuss a US retaliatory strike were you surprised that it didn't happen now I am based on the conversation we had was very clear the president was legitimately torn as to what the correct approach was in response I know for from that meeting he has no appetite to go to war in rhyme tensions with Iran have been climbing since trump pulled the U. S. out of a multinational deal curbing Iran's nuclear program and re imposed harsher sanctions on the middle eastern country the US has blamed Iran for a series of recent attacks in international fuel tankers which Iran denies last week around shot down a navy drone which Tehran claimed violated its airspace U. S. as the aircraft was over international waters trump said he next a counter strike when he learned it could kill as many as a hundred and fifty people I don't want to kill a hundred and fifty Arabians I understand that I don't want to kill a hundred and fifty of anything for anybody trump said he hoped he could reach a negotiated deal with Iran and also pledged to impose new sanctions on Tehran Monday morning but here's a question is what is the strategy because it only seems like Iran's lashing out vice president Mike pence on Sunday said the White House was sending a firm message to Tehran Iran should not confuse American restraint with a lack of American resolve but Democrats said the White House lacks a real plan so we want to do this maximum pressure campaign to cripple the Iranian copy con me to back them into a corner where our own intelligence people told us this is what a run we do and yet even though we knew they were going to do what we didn't know how to respond and it's not getting them to the negotiating table they're not there Iran said it plans to ramp up it's a stockpile of enriched uranium to a level exceeding limits set by the twenty fifteen nuclear deal as early as this week