FIRST AIRED: July 4, 2019

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as Hong Kong's protesters escalates the movement against a hugely unpopular extradition bill a new frontline is opening between its former and calling to %HESITATION leads %HESITATION will halfpennies speak up for them and and back room every inch of the way and they'll be serious consequences if that internationally binding legal agreements were not to be honest and on Thursday Jeremy hunts double down adding that options on Hong Kong need to be kept open the comments by the two men left in the race to be Britain's next prime minister have clearly up to Beijing China's foreign ministry on Wednesday even accused the British Foreign Secretary of being stock in a colonial fun to see what number from the change I would like to ask Mr hunt during the British colonial era in Hong Kong was there any democracy to speak of Hong Kongers didn't even have the right to protest now China is mourning about consequences of its own state media this week said Weston RD taters I mean bolting violence Batavia claim hunted night on Thursday but a state run tabloid said the U. K. we'll pay for his actions voices been blind shot explains what thoughts might look like possibly one of the areas they could do this would be to offer sperm some of the agreements to spend some of the tools so that was supposed to be happening of course this is mostly focused on financial services about all grown saying grace %HESITATION %HESITATION intro probability between for example the Shanghai and London %HESITATION stock exchanges on also operatives be very keen to get Chinese banks for example to be based in London %HESITATION for offshore yuan trading in the light Hong Kong police have arrested more than two dozen people in connection with the protests with further arrests looking likely it's become the most blatant public protest again she's in pain since he came to power in twenty twelve what is next steps is still on , clear now for the Chinese of course consider this to be an internal affair %HESITATION it is actually quite significant the president xi himself has not come out yes and he may still do %HESITATION to say anything publicly about home homes with Beijing does then seek to take a more proactive role in restraining all the situation Hong Kong we don't yet nine but absolutely Beijing does not want that's B. turmoil and chaos in Hong Kong