FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2019

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there talk Zack's cow is on a mission the dog rescue sense I don't know wants to save on wanted Pat from youth in Asia and send them to live with prison as his positive challenge program operates in five California prisons including kind counties juvenile whole really the feeling is that dogs are medicine we ought to try to to harness that medicine and up and give it to as many people as possible so that's really with the present program is just harnessing the medicine of the human canine bond and letting it unleashing it inside the prison system short strikers little in two thousand and eight H. twenty eight Scott was diagnosed with liver disease and given three months to live he says his three dogs saved his life he quit drugs and alcohol started exercising and founded Molly's must rescue center placing the difficult dogs they had a hard time re homing otherwise behind boss this is taught me a lot like their animals with their people like you have to love them you have to respect then you have to earn their trust the thing we have to do with people's like they're not just and it is like I feel like a stronger person I don't know how to describe it just makes you feel like , many graduates of the program have gone on to what can pet services often release none have gone back to prison I mean I said America we still roughly euthanize two million shelter cuts here I mean cars or a two and a half million Americans %HESITATION so Intel both of those problems have been fixed I think we should have a dog programs absolutely every correctional facility in the United States if not on planet earth