FIRST AIRED: June 23, 2019

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this coding academy in South Africa it doesn't have any teachers %HESITATION classes and students start me prior experience to attend , we think code in Johannesburg focuses on peer to peer learning type being that students will most of websites program an app development over the intense two year course and as a market for strong Curtis Hey South Africa has a severe shortage of workers with computer based expect tease major sectors such as the financial industry a struggling to find local recruits with the skills getting into the economy isn't easy dire students are selected through an excruciating boot camp which only sees the top one percent survive to find a sports at the school a university is a doing a great job %HESITATION of delivering technical skills that are desperately needed within the business space the reality is that the Khan keep up with the demands and the university channel focuses on a very specific type of high school education which then feeds into what they do a program like within co democratize the opportunity by saying it doesn't matter what your pride educational background is it doesn't matter what your price social background is you could be born to coat and he has an opportunity to include you %HESITATION in the economics of technology unemployment in Africa's most advanced economy has remained stubbornly high since once minority rule and it's twenty five years ago and government agencies say the burden of joblessness is concentrated within the fifteen to thirty four age group to account for almost two thirds of the unemployed about ninety eight percent of we think cuts graduates now have jobs it'll say relies purely on donations from point as his once a student studies and take them in for four months internships once they finished studying the program is struggling to recruit girls by one of the programs on diving missions is to challenge perception the coding is a masculine field