FIRST AIRED: June 25, 2019

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me did you mia delivery drivers bringing cheaper food and drinks to low income earners can eleven African countries as international companies look to grow that customer base on the continent be on the middle class , when Jimmy a food bust your lunch in twenty twelve it focused on those who could afford internet access but growing smartphone use and plummeting data costs have opened up the market including here in Kenya we're also looking now it's %HESITATION it's a target this mass market customer that is really starting to come online over the last couple of years for the first time realizing that it's a level of of radical convenience and assortments is not just the preserve of of you know the the the upper classes it's now available to the mass market because the level of sophistication of of technology %HESITATION the level of experience that we now brings on Dimond means that we can have a price point that's attractive to them , Jimmy if food is the units of New York listed E. commerce platform to me a technologies and became Africa's first unicorn a private company valued at over a billion dollars to test the public market for a sub Sahara in tech fun when they listed on Wall Street in April , it follows the likes of Paul way in Dubai which already offer low cost solutions to smartphones and quick travel you know five years ago six years ago I consider this to be a food delivery business %HESITATION and what happened over the years is that we built up a very large base of customers and we developed an extremely deep expertise and on demand delivery %HESITATION technology and so when you have those two assets %HESITATION you know if we recognize that food is probably the the biggest opportunity that we have in the market bottes we can leverage those assets to serve customers in other areas Jimmy if food is around four thousand restaurants listed on its platform offering the company's one million customers everything from local cuisine to international fast foods and the platform wants to attract more people it's currently working with restaurants to offer even cheaper meals that cost a maximum of two dollars ninety five , Africa is growing population is expected to lead to a rise in consumer spending from six hundred eighty billion dollars in two thousand and eight to two point two trillion dollars by twenty thirty according to a U. N. reports