FIRST AIRED: June 24, 2019

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under the proposal that we introduced today all student debt would be canceled in six months US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Monday officially proposed the boldest move yet of any of his democratic rivals when it comes to dealing with the one point six trillion dollars in student debt erasing all of it why taking this action we not only provide immediate financial relief to forty five million Americans who of one point six trillion in debt but we will be improving the entire economy it would also cost the country two point two trillion dollars over a decade to achieve so who would pay for it the Vermont senator's frequent target Wall Street as Sanders proposal includes a new tax on transactions of stocks and bonds the American people bailed out Wall Street now it is time for Wall Street the come to the aid of a middle class of this country Sanders would also make all public universities community colleges and trade schools tuition free an issue he has highlighted since his first presidential run in twenty sixteen democratic presidential rival Elizabeth Warren has proposed a similar policy , college community college in four year college , this country the Massachusetts senator has proposed canceling fifty thousand dollars in student debt for anyone with an annual income under one hundred thousand dollars and substantial help for those who earn up to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars she has proposed paying for it with the tax on the wealthy Sanders plan comes two days before the first debates between those vying for the democratic nomination for the twenty twenty presidential race it is time to hit the reset button