FIRST AIRED: June 27, 2019

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despite colds to side with the opposition and an economy spiraling out of control that is about as powerful military is still standing by Nicolas Maduro the embattled president who has led the once prosperous south American country into dire poverty and chaos the military had a choice opposition within one wide %HESITATION on April thirtieth called on our forces to join him in disavowing a little any brought a small group of military officers to the locker load the airforce base which you can see behind me and while the U. S. supported quite ill and claimed he had the backing of top officials from the model camp figures like %HESITATION defense minister Vladimir padrino at the commander of the presidential guard Rafael Hernandez dollop of all agreed that Maduro had to go , the defection never happened the country's roughly a hundred and fifty thousand strong army navy Air Force and National Guard troops decided to stick with model now the question on everyone's minds is why the military remain a mother's side of the country is so destroyed Reuters correspondents Brian Ellsworth explains there are a lot of reasons for this but one of them is a very complex organizational structure that's the result of changes to the armed forces over twenty years of socialism , these days Venezuela has between a thousand and two thousand generals about ten times as many as they had before it late socialist leader who a child as to power , that means you can now find generals involved in all kinds of things you can see generals coordinating the control of solid waste in landfills distributing black beans or rice or even sanitary napkins %HESITATION controlling and developing and growing vegetables and military bases on orchards Chavez cemented socialist rule in the nation of about thirty million people by entrenching the military in bureaucracy choppers in nineteen ninety nine remove to control the Congress had over the promotion of senior officers and as a result that meant many of his allies thirty getting promoted , and as the promotions increase the number of general swelled there wasn't enough for all of them to do there were troops for them to command so the government , thirteen two thousand fourteen Nicholas mother to be again creating a territorial government system the integrated military officers into civilian life this meant that now every state has a centralized a command center for the armed forces even when the state doesn't have any particular relevance in terms of military presence , that means also now the top officers often respond to local politicians to governors or even mayors and much of what they do in their passage to rise to the armed forces involves getting close to these local politicians which means their loyalties are much more often toward the Socialist Party , as a result critics say the military has few leaders capable of engineering this type of uprising that models opponents long for but many lower ranking soldiers desperate like most of them as well as working class have deserted the military in recent years joining at least four million fellow Venezuelans in seeking a better life elsewhere