FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2019

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it's really has put the captain of this rescue ships see watch three on the investigation the vessel picked up fifty three people from a rubber boat off the coast of Libya but it's often being stranded in international waters for fourteen days the German captain made the decision to end to Italian ward says without permission convinced that maritime emergency law was on her site J. when it reports of what a legend commandant of what is an outlaw prudent out little come on to the must be stopped arrested and expelled always but %HESITATION there was a ship the third time did not respect the rules and common sense because they using faulty human beings as a bargaining chip they said your money salvini also referred to the captain and her crew as pirates who are helping criminal gangs to smuggle Africans into Europe on Friday the vessel remains blocked one mile outside Lampedusa ports with still no solution in sight for those stock on boards color will %HESITATION potentially face charges a fifty thousand euro amongst with a criminal investigation that have just started by now even though she exactly follow to international law rescuing people at sea and bring them to a place of safety so we are really proud %HESITATION of all kept in the %HESITATION at does not hesitate to even %HESITATION take personal consequences for doing exactly the right thing for following the law of the sea and for bringing these people to safety along with us there's a lot of solidarity coming from the society in Italy in multiple cities there is demonstrations in support of Cola and of course we as %HESITATION organization %HESITATION fully stand behind okay , when asked about the investigation the captain has self responded by saying she didn't have time to read any comments because she had forty people to take care of the job adding that Mr saw Vini should quite get in line