FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2019

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it's just one example of something that's happening all over China , in this just sort of really exemplifies %HESITATION the advantage that China has in terms of being able to click huge amounts of data very easily part of that is the fact that you know these are low income places I'm a people willing to do these sorts of things there's more people in China readily available %HESITATION and the other side of it is that daughter security law is a very different here %HESITATION and perhaps a bit more lax than US meaning that collecting huge amounts of personal data %HESITATION whether it's in a very physical way like this %HESITATION through an app is a lot easier , collecting the rule info is just the first step what is that companies like these then tell the A. I. machines what that seeing one U. S. fun estimates this new industry as already west five hundred million dollars and dont set to double by twenty twenty three , Princeton declined to comment some of the biggest names in Chinese techo also on board helping the smaller companies get ahead it's quite interesting it was saying you know companies like this was a very small working out of very tiny places in China %HESITATION are able to serve some of the biggest clients in China the the alley Bob is the bodies in the ten cents %HESITATION you know are among their clients it's easy work for a decent paycheck but it's unlikely to see them into retirement , the rise of the machines is a very real threat to these new jobs just as soon as the computer the smart enough to figure out the data for themselves