FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2019

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the public's remember last week's democratic debate hosted by NBC where it looks like senator Kamel Harris mopped the floor with former vice president Joe Biden well a new writers Ipsos poll out Wednesday shows that it was pretty bad British pulling editor Chris con Joe Biden is still the front runner his leading all the other candidates %HESITATION in support for the democratic nomination but we have seen his numbers dropped considerably over the past month last month about thirty percent of Democrats and independents so that they would support him for the nomination that's now down to twenty two percent so he's lost about eight percentage points out from his June numbers the poll also found that support for Biden among African Americans critical democratic voting block was cut in half with about two out of ten saying they back him same time we've seen %HESITATION Kamel Heris %HESITATION US senator from California she is one who has benefited the most over the past month her numbers are up about four percentage points it was hurtful it was this exchange that catapulted the senator from California when she criticized by then for opposing mandatory busing to integrate schools in the nineteen seventies and for his cooperation with segregationists well he was a young senator , great today that you were wrong to oppose blessing in America down do you agree I did not photos Boston in America online and has since defended his civil rights record and said Harris mis characterized as positions the poll found Harris now the third most popular candidate behind Biden and senator Bernie Sanders with a slight up tick for Sanders and senator Elizabeth Warren as well still uncertainty abounds twenty one percent of all Democrats and independents said they don't know which candidate they'll support and among those who have pick the candidate only about thirty five percent said they were completely certain they made up their minds