FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2019

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despite the warnings for Turkey it was already a done deal , they've boards as four hundred at defense systems from Russia one of the world's most advanced that due to arrive any day now and the US is furious at techies leader again Turkey and the U. S. of spot publicly for months save and Chris or death techie is a NATO ally and the father the S. four hundred to not compatible with NATO systems has raised some eyebrows and that will have consequences the US state department warns anchor will face a real and negative consequences for the purchase and has threatened sanctions , so why would techie risk upsetting an important NATO ally voices techie bureau chief Dominic Evans explains Turkey says when it first reached a deal with Moscow to bite the Russian defense missile system two years ago there was no alternative on the table from Washington by the time the USA came up with an another off %HESITATION rival off a full of the patriot missile defense system the deal with Russia was done and dusted techy although it is a NATO member %HESITATION and Weston ally and has had difficult relations with the United States over the last few years have a number of issues including Syria where Russia is a very very powerful plant so it does make sense on some levels for Turkey to look to alliances elsewhere , another consequence is losing the stealth fighter jets the US could stop Turkish forces from flying and developing its F. thirty five Washington has already pulled the plug on training techies pilots on the aircraft the US and its allies the concerned by installing the system the technology would learn how to recognize the jets that bill to avoid tracking by enemy radars and he senses say what happens now tech is proposed a working group to look into the impact of these this missile defense system %HESITATION it's not got a positive response from Washington on that so when the S. four hundred arrive in tacky sanctions will be imposed on Turkey there's a whole range of choices that Washington can I pick from in terms of severity of the sanctions but the person who makes the ultimate choice will be president Donald Trump which means everybody still guessing exactly what will happen