FIRST AIRED: July 11, 2019

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the south Koreans are protesting against Japan's new export , the two countries are in the middle of a spiraling fight over trade and pretty soon it might affect the whole world supply of smartphones yeah right to understand what's happening here you need to know a little bit of history , the issue goes all the way back to World War two Japan colonize the Korean peninsula around that time and that came with the forced labor of Korean workers along with the use of comfort women another touchy subject it's a euphemism for girls and women were forced to work in wartime brothels , recently South Korea wanted to make a joint fund for the labor victims and asked Japan for contributions from its companies a south Korean court last year ruled that Japan's Nippon steel and Mitsubishi heavy owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to cream plaintiffs can send you was one of them she was sent to Japan by Japanese teacher , I decided to go that to study however when I got that there was no opportunity to study I had to go straight to a factory and work Tokyo refused to pay instead it threatened to slap limits on high tech materials sent to South Korea parts that are critical for making smartphones and memory chips that was announced last week there was outrage in South Korea and calls to boycott all Japanese products a few days ago representatives from Tokyo and Seoul met face to face during a meeting at the World Trade Organization South Korea said it would raise the issue with the WTO well Japan argued that it didn't violate any WTO rules it even threaten more measures against South Korea south Korean president when Jane says it's possible the situation could drag on June we're going to ramp up spending to help Korean firms source parts materials and equipment at home instead pretty soon this will mean trouble not just for South Korea but for the rest of the world too the export limits will hit tech giants like Sam sung and SK Hynix they're the world's top memory chip makers and supply both apple and China's hallway but so far both sides haven't shown any signs of backing down and they're both US allies so Washington's been roped into it too south Korea's foreign minister spoke to secretary of state Pompeii on Wednesday morning that Japan's actions could ultimately hurt US companies , Lee said he wants to try and strength in communication between all three sides time is ticking though Japan's export restrictions will kick in about ninety days