FIRST AIRED: June 21, 2019

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Ron made a big mistake it was president trump versus most of his own team Reuters has learned that was the situation inside the tense White House when trump decided at the last minute not to retaliate against the wrong with air strikes but the downing of the US drone Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason one source told me that he did that against the advice of nearly everyone in his team that a proportional response against Iran was required %HESITATION this source saying that it was a unanimous in fact %HESITATION amongst his political advisers also military advisors and Republican lawmakers who our allies on Capitol Hill this country will not stand for the national security adviser boldness unknown or on how we know that he would have absolutely argued that a a strike of some kind against Iran %HESITATION was necessary and it's a loss for Bolton that %HESITATION this did not end up going through trump clarified why on Friday saying in a tweet ended an NBC interview that the strike could have killed one hundred fifty people it would have been a disproportionate response he decided apparently at the last minute that this is not what he wanted but he is he's given sort of a mixed message on Iran I even yesterday in the oval office I I find it hard to believe it was intentional if you want to know the truth I think that it could have been somebody who is %HESITATION loose and stupid I don't think it's it's something that he's rolled out in terms of a military strike %HESITATION he knows what the options are and you could always go back to it if that is the decision that he makes at a later time as trump wait his response he also showed new signs that the US was open to diplomacy well in fact Reuters is reporting that he reached out to Iran through another country %HESITATION saying again that he would like to have a dialogue and how likely is that it's probably not very likely %HESITATION the Iranian leadership is not shown any interest in having a dialogue with president trump %HESITATION particularly since his decision to take the United States out , of the Iran nuclear agreement that had been agreed to %HESITATION with many world powers I was against the war in Iraq on the campaign trail he often promise to keep the U. S. out of what he described as unnecessary complex so in some ways his instincts to stay out of conflict are what one out when he made that decision despite support for a strike from his advisors a unanimous agreement by everyone except for the one who ultimately calls the shots thank you very much