FIRST AIRED: June 22, 2019

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the trump administration is set to unveil a sweeping fifty billion dollar economic plan for the Middle East when that calls for a global investment fund to help the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors in a five billion dollar transportation corridor to connect the west bank and Gaza the plan detailed by US officials and in documents reviewed by Reuters is phase one and president trump's push to revive the stalled Israeli Palestinian peace process but it faces a skeptical region when it's formally unveiled at a kickoff conference next week in Bahrain in an interview with Reuters president Donald Trump senior adviser and son in law Jared Kushner who's overseeing the effort said more than half of the proposed investment would go to the economically troubled Palestinian territories with the rest going to Egypt Lebanon and Jordan well I have to say that this is one of the hardest problems that exist in the world and there's been a lot of attempts at it which have all been I think very %HESITATION %HESITATION well intended and %HESITATION noble attempts to try and solve it people are tired of the way that this is been stuck in the mud for so long and what we're hoping we can do is get people to look at this a little bit differently %HESITATION come together share ideas and then hopefully we can create a framework %HESITATION on which to move forward economically the job administration hopes nations such as the wealthy Gulf states and private investors would foot much of the bill the ten year plan which the White House said would create a million jobs also proposes nearly a billion dollars to promote Palestinian tourism , a tough challenge given the frequent flare ups between Israeli forces and militants from Hamas ruled Gaza and tenuous security in the occupied west bank the roll out in the rain has attracted several Gulf nations including Saudi Arabia but Palestinian officials plan to boycott the meeting continuing a policy of not talking to Washington since it recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital the White House said it decided not to invite Israel's government because the Palestinian authority would not be there but that there will be a small Israeli business delegation economic blueprint comes after two years of deliberations and delays in rolling out a broader peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians who reject the effort is tilted in Israel's favor and likely to deny them a sovereign state of their own some critics say you're trying to make an economic peace without telling people what the political peace would involve how do you respond to that yeah I would say that the political side and the economic side are two very robust efforts and %HESITATION digest both of them at one time would be very very hard so it was %HESITATION if necessary I think to break them up so the question is which one do you put first %HESITATION our thought was that it was better to put the economic plan first it's less controversial %HESITATION we do think that %HESITATION having economic prosperity is a key notion to having a sustainable peace Christian %HESITATION knowledge the economic plan success would depend on resolving the underlying political issues which he said will be the second stage of the peace plans rollout now expected no earlier than November