FIRST AIRED: June 26, 2019

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it's the most far reaching crackdown on baby to date San Francisco on Tuesday became the first major U. S. city to vote for a ban on the sale and distribution of E. cigarettes and for Bruce Cole bear who cut back from two and a half packs of smokes today to only ten cigarettes thanks to these devices it's a head scratcher sure you can get high you can contribute going to , but you can't wait to cut back on the cigarette he says last year's ban on flavored tobacco any cigarette liquids in the city has hit sales at the store and he thinks the latest band could lead to shutting it down all together Reuters Chris Kirk and explains the move it's an interesting issue because there's been a huge uptake in teenage use of E. cigarettes over the past year %HESITATION actually of seventy eight percent increase among high schoolers and US cities and states have been grappling with how to regulate these devices San Francisco's move is the most far reaching by any major city in the U. S. %HESITATION Beverly hills also passed a %HESITATION ban on the sale of all tobacco products that will go into effect in twenty twenty one San Francisco supervisor Siobhan Walton who sponsored the ordinance says the ban won't lift until the FDA does clinical trials to assess how harmful the products are will be part of it too is %HESITATION we have a responsible companies like jewel that target our young people and Julie is headquartered in my district and so %HESITATION the community is highly upset jul has grown to be the dominant E. cigarette maker in the United States and has been at the center of the debate as its sales soared over the last two years so did its popularity among teenagers in a statement before Tuesday's vote jul said a band will not effectively address under age use and will leave cigarettes on shelves as the only choice for adult smokers the E. cigarette ban will go into effect early next year and applies to both online and brick and mortar sales in San Francisco so what's called they're going to do either go back to smoking cigarettes full time or go across the bay because someone else the big deal I mean knock on a bus or whatever twenty minutes later you got all the features you want