FIRST AIRED: June 26, 2019

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a field of democratic presidential hopefuls will go head to head in prime time on Wednesday and Thursday in the first debate of the twenty twenty contest battling it out ten at a time in search of that all important breakout moments , among the standout needs a night one senators Cory Booker and eighty clubber shark and former Texas Senate candidate better will roar because everybody feel but reporter ginger Gibson says the one with the most to gain or lose Wednesday night , maybe Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren pulling even in the polls with Vermont senator Bernie Sanders on Wednesday night the person to watch is war and she's the only of the top five candidates who will be participating in Wednesday night's debate expect to hear her favorite %HESITATION punch line that is I've got a plan for that %HESITATION because she has put out volumes of policy proposals we just do one more just one more so we could book for folks like Cory Booker and in the clover shar who are on that first night %HESITATION to be trying to it to make their own moment idols with warns expense find a way to do it since says this could also be an opportunity for Rourke who's falling behind in some polls he'll likely play up his immigration message in contrast to president trump and his border wall you can also speak with a little bit of a forty coming from el Paso coming from a place where there's a large border crossing among the lesser known names who could stand out is Washington state governor Jay Inslee who has made climate change his signature issue have to choose hope over fear Thursday night it'll be a whole new line up including front runners former vice president Joe Biden and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders expected Biden to criticize burning as being too liberal too extreme all student debt would be canceled spec burning to criticize Biden on being too moderate and not embracing the kind of policies that their party wants like universal health care or free for your education I fully intend to win this election US senator Kamilla here is will likely play up her credentials as a former prosecutor in California do you expect her to be very critical of trump and use our time as Attorney General of California to try to it to make that argument race will be a likely issue to surface Thursday we have tried but not succeeded south bend Indiana mayor Pete %HESITATION the judge will need to account for his handling of the recent fatal police shooting of a black man , added south fence what's supposed to happen we were the first state to legalize but I wanted a bigger %HESITATION lesser knowns to watch on that second night is former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper he's already tried to throw a few punches and Bernie Sanders has been criticizing him from the right with polls showing that a large percentage of voters don't know yet who they're going to vote for the national exposure this week could allow the contenders to either build momentum or lose it if a gaffe is made or if they fail to make an impression on the crowded debate stage in Miami