FIRST AIRED: July 2, 2019

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they know what they're playing with and I think they're playing with fire Iran has entered a new more dangerous phase in its stand off with the US over the tattered twenty fifteen nuclear deal after it broke through the accords limits for stockpiling low enriched uranium they know what they're doing the U. N. nuclear watchdog the I. A. E. A. on Monday to confirm the uranium breach dramatic step that Iran had repeatedly threatened to take after US president Donald Trump abandon the nuclear deal last year Reuters reporter are shot Muhammad is following the story we're not at the point yet I think where you can declare the deal dad if the Iranians do a bunch of other things that are more worrisome than I think you're inching towards the unraveling of the deal Ron's latest move comes amid mounting tensions in the Gulf after the bombing of several oil tankers which the US blames on Iran in Tehran's downing of an American drone so when you ask what's the next step it seems to me can go one of two ways one the trump administration could decide that it wants to get into a negotiation with Iran %HESITATION they're not a whole lot of signs of that right now , to %HESITATION the Europeans in particular could push hard to %HESITATION get the United States and the Iranians to try to talk to one another the White House quickly announced it will continue its campaign of maximum pressure on Iran's oil sector and leadership but Iran is showing no signs of giving in running foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Monday Tehran may stockpile even more uranium if European nations who oppose trumps move to pull out of the deal don't make good on a vow to defy the U. S. and help boost the Iranian economy Matt had a bad time our next step will be enriching uranium beyond the three point six seven percent allowed under the deal has given a drug plan that could possibly edge Tehran further on a path to amassing the material to make a nuclear bomb what I suspect the running the Europeans will try to do is persuade your audience to reverse this step if truly necessary the Europeans can refer it to this joint commission where the parties that are still in the deal could get together and talk and see if there's a way out of it both Washington and Tehran insists they do not want war but Iran has shown no appetite for resuming negotiations and the US has piled on new sanctions aimed at Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei