FIRST AIRED: July 10, 2019

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amid growing calls for his resignation labor secretary Alexander a cost on Wednesday defended his work as a prosecutor a decade ago when he approved a secret plea deal with financier Jeffrey apps dean have seen was accused of sex crimes with minors but spent only thirteen months in jail that seems actions absolutely deserve a stiffer sentence but I also think it's important to realize that the prosecutors were trying to do the right thing in his hour long press conference the embattled labor secretary claimed that trial was risky and that apps team could have walked away with no jail time at all and that some time behind bars was better than none British justice department correspondent Serra Lynch away a cost is handling this matter he is completely shifting blame to the state of Florida %HESITATION and saying that his office was in fact the white knight so to speak that kind of rushed in and rescued the situation before it got any worse so that there was some justice served but the victims were not informed of the deal something a judge earlier this year ruled was a legal would you make the same agreement today , so these questions are always very difficult , because , we now have , twelve years of knowledge in hindsight and we live in a very different war , today's world treats victims very very different I actually saying that you feel that you did everything you could you got the best deal you could get and you have no regrets , we believe that we proceeded appropriately , look no regrets is a very hard question while he expressed sympathy repeatedly for the victims he is not believe that his office did anything wrong and he actually welcomes %HESITATION what's an an ongoing still review by the justice department into his conduct on Monday the US attorney in Manhattan said it was not bound by the plea deal and brought new charges against obscene for allegedly Loring dozens of girls some as young as fourteen and coercing them into sex sex abstain remains in jail while he awaits his bond hearing scheduled for Monday morning I'm I'm glad to see that it's happening now %HESITATION it is a you know he's a bad man and and he needs to be put away as for whether Acosta will keep his current job he said that's up to his boss Donald Trump who for the moment still has his back excellent secretary of labor he's done if