FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2019

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apple on Thursday said chief design officer Johnny I will be leaving the company I'm Stephen Ellis with writers and San Francisco apple's Johnny I've played a key part in helping out will come back from the doldrums in the late nineteen nineties to become the world's first trillion dollar publicly listed company I've designed products like this candy colored IMAX the came out in the late nineteen nineties all the way to the iPhone which has been one of the most successful consumer products of all time I was known to be a close artistic collaborator with apple co founder Steve Jobs who like to involve himself deeply in apple's design process often going into the design studio and offering feedback even criticism on our lives work I will be leaving the company to start his own design firm called love form which will be retaining apple as a client for a time but apple has elevated to new executives who will oversee both industrial design and software design two things that had been confined under Ives watch those two new design executives were actually report to apple's chief operating officer Jeff Williams now Jeff Williams is not as well known and name as Tim cook the chief executive officer but Williams has been known to involve themselves more deeply in the development of products and cook for example he oversaw the development of the apple watch which was the first big hardware product apple put out after the death of Steve Jobs %HESITATION apple also said that in addition to having these new design executives report to Jeff Williams he'll be spending more of his time in the design studio giving feedback on it suggesting that there may be a sort of return to that close relationship between one of the top executives in the firm and the design teams but there's no getting around the fact that Johnny I was one of the last remaining executives who played a central role and apple's rise from near death in the mid nineteen nineties to the world's biggest publicly listed company and he'll no longer be , with apple