FIRST AIRED: June 28, 2019

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now that the Supreme Court has sent the citizenship question the twenty twenty senses back to the department of commerce it is incumbent on commerce to come up with a new justification for adding the question the Supreme Court essentially said that secretary Wilbur Ross is original justification the census at at the citizenship question would help enforce the voting rights act was a pretext now the Supreme Court did not say that you can't have a citizenship question on the census they didn't say that Ross violated any of the more technical rules that %HESITATION that the plaintiffs were accusing him of having broken so they left the door open for the commerce department to come back with a new justification for the citizenship question I mean it's a blow to the trump administration certainly it's now up to Ross and his staff to come up with a new justification , that could be difficult given time constraints the US census bureau has said that it needs to start printing census forms pretty much immediately they said they have a June thirtieth deadline to start printing those forms the commerce department you know may try to %HESITATION delay %HESITATION that date so that it can %HESITATION come up with a new justification for the citizenship question %HESITATION if that were to happen , we probably see is more litigation about it and the question could easily wind up back before the Supreme Court again sometime in the fall president trump tweeted that he would look into whether it was possible to delay the census itself it's never been done before and in fact a lot of observers in an expert's legal experts feel that it would be unconstitutional the census is supposed to happen on April first every ten years %HESITATION and that the data collected in the census is supposed to get to %HESITATION state governing bodies by the end of that year %HESITATION so that they can re district and if that doesn't happen technically that's a constitutional violation so that's %HESITATION not seen as a likelihood %HESITATION what is seen as more likely is that the commerce department could try to delay the printing of census forms to at least give itself a little bit more time to come up with a new justification for the citizenship question