FIRST AIRED: July 7, 2019

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these are active duty soldiers for Mexico's newly launched National Guard equipped with ballistic helmets bullet proof vests and machine guns but instead of fighting soaring crime they're patrolling the US Mexico border as Mexico ramps up its immigration enforcement efforts under pressure from Washington the troops however are limited by strict rules of engagement and are often reduced to simply watching central Americans walk past them into the US or trying to persuade them not to go I'm here to ask what is our into our Mexico %HESITATION right next to the US Mexico border Reuters correspondent Anthony Esposito talk to the troops stationed there this national guardsmen are mostly our army infantry mainly they tell us that they are somewhat bored and perhaps not doing what they should be doing that's because Mexico faces an uphill task under a June seventh deal with the US in order to avert terrace from the trump administration the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has a forty five day period to show probable progress in reducing the numbers of migrants trying to cross the US border illegally by Moshe %HESITATION we will avoid confrontation we will always look for dialogue we don't want the tariffs war some people in the business sector in favor of doing this %HESITATION if that's what it takes to keep our president trump at bay and keep him from imposing those terrorists Mexico exports but are eighty percent of its total shipments the United States so it is very dependent on its northern neighbor but there are other people %HESITATION who say that the national guards are should be used to calm , prime and organize our cartels the drug cartels here which are again causing havoc into up what is , murders in few that's why does have surged jumping five fold from twenty sixteen as drug gangs fight for territory according to data compiled by a local security and justice advocacy groups and last year saw the highest number of murders in Mexico in at least two decades critics say when Lopez Obrador was inaugurated last December he made a lofty promises to fight the spiraling violence but now his agenda is at risk as he tries to appease the U. S.