FIRST AIRED: July 3, 2019

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I am really happy about the dust all you have is a woman he usually does a finally in agreements about how to fill the blogs top jobs and for the first time in its history women of breaking up the mail monopoly of power in some of the most prominent positions a perfect and the Baath Christine Lagarde has been picked to hedge the European central bank and %HESITATION sort of fun the lion to top the European Commission yes it is time to fix the roof the guard was fun since first female finance minister and has been head of the International Monetary Fund since two thousand and eleven the next big role would be the revival of the U. is an economy that she had zero dialect active experience in monetary policy find a line with the place you include a young cat as head of the E. U.'s executive arm she's a close ally of German chancellor Angela Merkel and is the country's defense minister if approved she would stay a policy for the world's biggest trade block and it's five hundred million people this said nominee is just separate out Spain's acting foreign minister has been chosen to be the E. U.'s mu top diplomats and Donald toast will be replaced by shell Michelle in the world of European Council president his main challenge will be to build bridges between the twenty eight you member states who are looking increasingly divided the deal followed a tortuous summit appointments have to satisfy Ollie you member states on the big political parties three days of negotiations at times looked close to collapse and expose deep rifts in the block when a consensus for the vacancies looked almost impossible now just the president of the European Parliament is left to fill the strongest contender is this man Italian nor make at Davidson solely all the nominees will need to be approved by the parliament and that %HESITATION deal is far from over the socialist in green block in the assembly have rejected the nominations bots markets