FIRST AIRED: July 1, 2019

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what is Google so called moon shots is trying to get its high flying internet balloons off the ground in Kenya where the tech giant hopes to deliver four G. cellphone services in its first commercial test ever born in twenty eleven loon is now collaborating with telecom Kenya to bring services to remote mountain villagers in the coming months but lawyers tech reporter fresh debate says there are lingering doubts about the viability of the balloon technology some of the the wireless carriers %HESITATION wonder if loon can over come some of the reliability and technical challenges that still exist in other cases it's related to the financial viability of these balloons they actually cover enough people to make sense %HESITATION economically for these companies %HESITATION in other cases there's regulatory questions will will around sort of safety and we'll governments allow these balloons before today %HESITATION high above people the giant helium balloons which fly twice as high as airplanes have already shown they are useful loon provided free services to wireless carriers in Peru importer Rico after cellphone towers were knocked out by an earthquake and hurricane but the balloons face some practical issues namely wind which can move the balloons out of range and the sun UV rays mean the balloons have to be replaced every six months as the plastic deteriorates the project has to deal with a few issues on the ground to loon faces a lawsuit by rival space data which alleges Google stole its ideas in two thousand eight and then there's the issue of competition things like lasers %HESITATION %HESITATION blames %HESITATION drones %HESITATION a lot of companies a lot of start ups looking a lot of different technologies and of course even satellites %HESITATION several billionaires %HESITATION with companies %HESITATION looking and satellites %HESITATION like you on my skin Richard Branson and and Jeff Bezos but none of that is holding back the blue , lunes from flying Kenya's government just gave final regulatory approval for loon to move ahead and Indonesia issued preliminary approval for loon to fly on over