FIRST AIRED: April 17, 2019

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the heavy weights of the global auto industry %HESITATION launching new models and futuristic concept cuts with many now designed just for the Chinese water market China's biggest what a show is underway this week in Shanghai but the glitz and glamour fall under the shadow of the Chinese economic slowdown and a trade war between Washington and Beijing stretching into its second year recent dot is revealed auto sales shrinking for the first time since the nineteen nineties but his road is Joe what reports the industry sees a light at the end of the tunnel but here at the Shanghai Auto Show auto industry executives are optimistic that things will start turning around by the second half of twenty nineteen there are a few reasons why they believe this number one new products like this the jeep gladiator pickup truck it's one of a bevy of new sport utility vehicles that automakers are offering in China China's going as you be crazy and excitement over new models could help rekindle to man to the jeep gladiators made in the United States and industry executives have their fingers crossed that very soon the United States and China will end their trade war come to a new trade agreement and give consumers confidence to open their wallets and start buying vehicles again , companies like GM a now also targeting bias in regional China with less money to spend than people living in the biggest cities like Beijing this is the Chevrolet tracker it's a new vehicle developed by General Motors and its Chinese partner Shanghai automotive industries and the goal was to build a vehicle that looks sleek does not look cheap has internet connectivity and power and room but comes at a lower price point than GM's current Chevrolet or Buick models the goal is to get younger consumers and less affluent buyers in China's middle class and even plays at the top end of the market like BMW say they still see opportunity for example the new BMW X. three is %HESITATION finding great residence %HESITATION with %HESITATION customers in China and I'm quite confident about the premium segment in the automotive sector %HESITATION because of the growing middle class %HESITATION in China China's hunger for electric is also part of the industry's plans an Audi executive told Reuters they plan for up to forty percent of their sales to be electric vehicles by twenty twenty five