FIRST AIRED: April 8, 2019

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the soldiers are preparing to advance on Tripoli as two rival governments battle over Libya's capital , it's a conflict that threatens to disrupt oil and gas supplies trigger more migration to Europe and Rick you and plans for an election , earlier this year they seized Libya's oil rich south well the advance through sparsely populated desert was straight forward taking this city is more challenging and that's partly because the soldiers have also been heading for the capital that I like to the Tripoli based government of prime minister fires also rose which enjoys widespread international recognition he's brought them in from nearby ms rock to to block the enemy's advance and has announced the volcano of angle operation to defend the city so Raj has run Tripoli since twenty sixteen after you and broken deal which was boycotted by house star he's backed by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and cost himself as an enemy of extremism though opponents view him as a new dictator , Libya has been affected since the western backed toppling of more I'm a good athlete eight years ago the U. N. conferences due to start on April the fourteenth in a bid to pine elections and find a way out of the ana key but so far have TA has not heeded U. N. coals for a truce we will never give up in our support to the Libyan people according to the U. N. the violence has displaced two thousand eight hundred people while the Tripoli based health ministry said on Monday that dozens have died in the clashes