FIRST AIRED: April 12, 2019

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it was the show with an update at Google has revoked Julian Assange's citizenship off two years of sheltering him and it's London embassy accusing him of collaborating in attempts to destabilize it British police drag the wikileaks found out on Thursday and arrested him and the U. K. must now decide whether to extradite him to the United States U. S. prosecutors have charged a Songz with conspiring with former army intelligence analyst Chelsea manning to hack a government computer if convicted he could face up to five years in prison it was one of the biggest breaches of classified information in U. S. history massive dumps of diplomatic cables and battlefield reports in twenty ten propelled wikileaks into the headlines and deeply embarrassed the US government from wikileaks wikileaks also released the cachet of hacked emails that harm to Hillary Clinton's chances in the twenty sixteen elections prompting her opponent Donald Trump to say wikileaks I love working but since the arrest I know nothing about wikileaks it's not my thing to some the Australian born US owns is a hero of free speech , exposed atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan and other abuses of power reacting to his arrest Clinton said it's not about punishing journalism %HESITATION he has to answer for what we have is has done at least as it's been charged a solution took refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy in twenty twelve to avoid extradition to Sweden for sexual assault investigation later dropped Ecuador revoke the citizenship granted last year following the long suffering of relations fueled by suspicions he was feeding corruption allegations against president Lyndon Marlena used , than hours of US soldiers the rest a British court convicted him of skipping bail okay could jail him for up to a year as the chorus of accusations amplified United Nations said a songs must get a fair trial