FIRST AIRED: April 24, 2019

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details are emerging about the quote well educated and middle class attackers behind Sri Lanka's Easter Sunday bombings on Wednesday officials said eight of the nine suicide bombers have now been identified the families are quite stable financially %HESITATION so that is a lorry %HESITATION factor %HESITATION because some of them have I think %HESITATION study %HESITATION %HESITATION and %HESITATION various other countries , officials blamed to domestic Islamist groups for the attacks on churches and hotels that killed more than three hundred fifty people but on Wednesday the US ambassador to Sri Lanka said the scale and sophistication of the bombings suggested the involvement of a foreign group , the Islamic state militant group has claimed responsibility and released a video purporting to show the attackers swearing allegiance , think of the now being pointed at alleged intelligence failings by the Sri Lankan government well that was definitely a lapse of intelligence %HESITATION and %HESITATION the government has you know we have to take responsibility because two sources close to president Metropolit service saying a say he's all strikers police chief I'm defense secretary to quit , sixty people have been detained since Sunday and the government has imposed emergency rule and an overnight curfew it's also blocked online messaging services to stop the spread of room is it fears could incite communal clashes , but some already fleeing their homes in the gumbo well a massive explosion ripped through the sense of Boston church on Sunday Pakistani Muslim refugees say they've been threatened by for Lankans of other faiths , these buses will ferry hundreds of women and children to a safe and unknown location as the fallout continues from south Asians deadliest such attack