FIRST AIRED: April 11, 2019

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as Congress and the country await the release of the full albeit redacted Muller report can Gretchen all Democrats have zeroed in on the question of obstruction of justice Attorney General William Barr as letter to Congress said the nearly four hundred page report presents evidence on both sides of the question and while it quote does not conclude that the president committed a crime it also does not exonerate him despite trump's claims of being totally exonerated , exoneration that sentence in bars letter has left the door open for house Democrats says Reuters legal correspondent John wolf there could be a lot of really damaging information in a report %HESITATION relating to obstruction of justice some speculated that Muller didn't reach a ultimate conclusion of on obstruction of justice because he felt that was congress' role there's the OJ guidance that a sitting president cannot be indicted so mother may have laid out quite a bit of damaging evidence on that question and and intended for Congress and and decide what to do with it %HESITATION anything up to %HESITATION impeachment legal experts say there are several events relating to whether trump committed obstruction including a perceived dangling of pardons to former advisors charge by Miller and his reported role in the drafting of a misleading statement by his son don junior about a trump tower meeting with the Kremlin links lawyer but we'll says perhaps the most damning claim of obstruction happened in plain sight it seems crucial %HESITATION evidence in that part of the report will be %HESITATION related to James Comey the former FBI director and his interactions with from because call me already testified on Capitol Hill that according to call me %HESITATION trump told them to back off an investigation into Michael Flynn a former national security adviser who lied about his contacts with Russia and we know that trump eventually fired coming so course the president as you know the head of the country ahead of law enforcement and country can fire subordinate like the FBI director %HESITATION for pretty much any reason but according many legal experts that becomes destruction of justice if the reason it's being done is to you interfere with the administration of justice and that's what some people think was behind the firing of coming in behind the efforts to get coming to back off trump for his part has maintained that he did nothing wrong Barr and deputy AG rob Rosenstein ultimately decided that trump did not obstruct justice in part because there was no underlying crime in this case collusion with Russia but Democrats , in the public may soon get a chance to make their own conclusions are this week said that he plans to release the redacted report within one week