FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2019

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you may have heard that one or two alcoholic drinks a day can be good for your health but now it might be time to put down the glass as a major study has just debunked dot Smith the research found that moderate drinking increases your risk of a stroke by ten to fifteen percent on the heavy drinkers consuming full more drinks a day blood pressure rises significantly on the risk of stroke increases by around thirty five percent it was previously thought that alcohol could have a protective effect against Drake , this latest study used data from a one hundred and sixty strong cohort of Chinese adults many of whom are able to drink alcohol due to genetic intolerance the World Health Organization estimates that around two point three billion people worldwide drink alcohol with average Pappas and daily consumption at thirty three grams of pure alcohol a day that's roughly equivalent to two one hundred and fifty milliliter glasses of wine a large bottle of bed or two forty Millie to shots of spirits , Europeans is still be using the most despite drinking ten percent less per person than they did in twenty ten the W. H. I. says current trends points to a global rise in per capita consumption in the next ten years