FIRST AIRED: April 17, 2019

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Washington DC is counting down the hours to Thursday's release of a redacted version of special counsel Robert Miller's report on the Russia probe but it's hardly the first time the nation's capital has been on tenterhooks awaiting an explosive report I did not have sexual relations with that woman , miss Lewinsky the last time was when independent counsel Kenneth Starr released his report on the probe into president bill Clinton's affair with a White House intern legal affairs reporter yon wolf Ken Starr released this tell all narrative basically went public in forty eight hours %HESITATION I was a redacted at all and was chock full of really Leri details wolf says that's unlikely to be repeated with the mother report that's due in part to the fact that over the course of the two year probe Muller has operated under a very different set of rules from star now there's a lot more of a check on the special counsel's power these allegations are false back in the nineties what started as a probe into the Clinton's real estate investments known as the whitewater scandal additionally broadened out into other areas including the president's sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky played out in explicit detail and starts four hundred and forty five page report creating one of the nation's first viral moments online no star report came out the whole country stop and read it together %HESITATION a crash government servers because there's so much web traffic you Monica but afterwards many thought that star who had few checks on his investigative powers went to far and in nineteen ninety nine the justice department road new regulations limiting the role of the special counsel and putting it under the Attorney General the special counsel regulations enacted in nineteen ninety nine interest some level of oversight by the AG and give the AG the ability to react findings and that's what we're seeing playing out right now which means that whatever is revealed in the mother report it's unlikely to match the sheer scope of the Starr report there's more caution and there wasn't the star report worried actions more of a focus on respecting privacy rights of people not charged with crimes and and other sorts of limits well but with Democrats in Congress vowing to fight Attorney General William Barr for the full unredacted report Thursday's real , least will be far from the end of the story with the Muller probes surgeon to make its own unique mark on the history of special counsel investigation over the past year