FIRST AIRED: April 21, 2019

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top congressional Democrats on Sunday not ruling out the possibility of impeaching president Donald Trump over allegations he obstructed special counsel Robert Muller is investigation the report is very damning on NBC's meet the press house Judiciary Committee chairman Gerald Nadler said quote if proven some of this would be impeachable adding that Democrats would quote go where the evidence leads Nadler who oversees the committee with jurisdiction over impeachment proceedings issued a subpoena to the justice department last week to get the full unredacted mole report and said on Sunday that Congress will have to hear from both Attorney General William Barr and Robert Muller before coming to a conclusion on impeachment I can foresee that possibly coming house oversight and reform committee chairman Elijah Cummings on Sunday also left the door open for impeaching the president the Muller document has now left us with a road map to go forward %HESITATION I think he basically said to us %HESITATION as a Congress it's up to you to take this further with regard to obstruction some Democrats have already called on the house to begin impeachment proceedings including representatives Alexandria because your Cortez and Maxine waters and twenty twenty presidential candidate school in Castro and Elizabeth Warren I I took an oath to the constitution of the United States and the constitution makes clear , that the accountability the president , why is Congress and that's the impeachment process meanwhile vulnerable house Democrats facing reelection in twenty twenty are using caution and how they respond to the more report mindful of trump's continued strength among Republican voters in their swing districts trump on Sunday in a tweet said Democrats only want to investigate him and waste time and said that will quote cost the dams big time in twenty twenty the long awaited Miller report built a broad case the trumpet committed obstruction of justice but stop short of concluding he had committed a crime although it did not exonerate him Miller noted that Congress has the power to address whether trump violated the law and Democrats said it would be a matter of discussion in the coming weeks