FIRST AIRED: April 18, 2019

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Amazon is retreating from China as competition with home going companies heats up the world's largest online retailer says it will no longer operates a marketplace or provide Seles services on its local sites online shop is that we'll still have access to the funds global store with products from countries like the U. K. and the US but it's leaving its domestic shop behind voices correspondent came %HESITATION is on the story I would say that after fifteen years being China Amazon still hasn't fully adapted to how the China market works compared to its peers it still follows global standards and company sources have told us that any decision that is to be made in China would have to get approval from their U. S. headquarters so compared to its peers in China and lacks flexibility I wouldn't say that it's a tragic thing for Amazon they're refocusing their strategy in Asia getting out of China hasn't been you know that's difficult because they haven't been making a lot of money in China to begin with but %HESITATION sources have told us that they're now focusing more on India it's part of a broader pronounce about the big west in stores in a country where on the Bob is T. mobile and JD dot com dominates analysts say last year the two controlled more than eighty percent of the Chinese economists markets we have been reporting about a lot of multinational companies %HESITATION re strategizing in Asia and from the traditional resell part of the world we have seen as some supermarket retailers such as Germany's natural rethinking their China plans they're trying to find your local partner or perhaps as selling a stake in the China business U. S. listed shares of Ali Baba when J. D. briefly rose on Wednesday after voices first reported to me