FIRST AIRED: April 23, 2019

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a new rotors analysis shows the scale of the black market trade in gold in Africa it also shows where most of it's going , to fly with the gold is put into refineries and markets for destinations elsewhere , an exact estimate is impossible but United Nations customs in trade data show that the U. A. E. to cleared imports of fifteen billion dollars in gold from forty six African countries in two thousand sixteen for example but all of that fifteen billion roughly half seven billion came from twenty five African countries that listed no exports of gold at all to the Emirates , trade economists and some of those countries so discrepancy points to massive quantities of smoke African states get none of the benefits from export taxes , reduced him **** visited minors in one of those countries gonna , the Canadian government says that this unregulated artisanal mining has to stop they say that it is wrecking the environment polluting rivers and poisoning farmland with toxic levels of mercury to which the mine is a polite well that's all very well but what else have you gonna give us to do there were no other jobs around here and even the few that they're all don't pay anything like as well as gold mining they say is labeled us too , feed our families build a house is and educate our children so that maybe one day they will have more options and will be in a position to do something better than that , without mining they say they were built to do any of these things , it's a dilemma facing so many poor countries sitting on most of the girls that the ritual of one , and it's one that very few have any idea how to resolve most western countries don't directly handle African gold because of these harms as well as concerns about human rights worries it may help fund conflicts these problems are less of a concern United Arab Emirates and the relationship is growing , free data shows that half of all the global imports of gold into the UAE in two thousand sixteen came from the African continent that market share is almost doubled where it was just a decade earlier I don't , this boy age twelve says he has no idea the foreigners do with any of the gold the minds