FIRST AIRED: April 7, 2019

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the White House and its officials use talk show appearances to defend the president on multiple fronts Sunday including the growing legal fight over Donald trump's taxes White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney on fox news Sunday dismissed the request by congressional Democrats for the president's tax returns calling it a political ploy and said the returns will quote never be handed over last week house tax committee chairman Richard Neal formally launched an effort to obtain six years of the president's personal and business tax returns Democrats argue the request is grounded in law and it needed inquiry even trump's refusal to disclose his tax records he is often used as an excuse that he is under audit by the IRS a claim he repeated last week were under all right but despite what %HESITATION people said there were %HESITATION working that out as I'm always under ordered it seems but %HESITATION until such time as I'm not under order that would not be inclined to do thank you on Sunday Dan Kildee a Democrat on the house tax committee said quote this is not an autocracy the president does not get to decide for himself and for Congress what a legitimate subject of inquiry might be it's an impossible situation meanwhile trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow sought to soften trumps economic threats against Mexico over illegal immigration saying terrace on Mexican cars is just a warning we're not there but people should take it quite seriously Kudlow also defended trump's plan to name two political loyalists to the federal reserve board including Herman Cain who is facing renewed scrutiny over sexual harassment allegations from several women out there are allegations out there but there lots of allegations Washington that don't pan out like around his presidential bid my principal point as he is qualified Mulvaney on Sunday also defended trumps bed pic saying quote I think Herman would be a great member of the fed