FIRST AIRED: April 6, 2019

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tens of thousands of Venezuelans poured into the streets of Caracas Saturday to protest against president Nicolas Maduro who the accused of wrecking the economy , many say the crisis has worsened over the past month as crippling power outages have left large swaths of the country in the dark for days at a time cutting off water supplies and cell phone service , one thing that is non negotiable for Venezuela our public services electricity water now they have done away with that what is the one to kill a , %HESITATION body we're dealing with hunger apathy children dying people dying in the hospital there are no medical supplies we can't count on service and , Saturday's marchers were ordered by opposition leader one why dole to mark the start of what he is billed as a new wave of protests to oust model one no immediate violence was reported in Caracas witnesses reported clashes between protesters and police and the oil hub of Monica able and in the western state of Zulia the ruling Socialist Party also staged arrival March in Caracas on Saturday but it's just a few hundred people clad in red shirts showed up , why do invokes the constitution to assume an interim presidency in January denouncing mother role as a U. server after he began a second term following a two thousand and eighteen national election widely considered a sham just this week that as well as constituent assembly controlled by the Socialist Party approved a measure allowing for the possible prosecution why do by stripping off his parliamentary immunity , the move prompted the US which backs quite %HESITATION to slap further sanctions on Maputo's socialist government with the trump administration on Friday also promising stronger action against key ally Cuba for helping to keep his government to float