FIRST AIRED: April 12, 2019

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the valley of the fallen outside Madrid may seem peaceful enough but with Spain's election looming the burial place of former dictator Francisco Franco has become a better political battleground Spain's socialist government has passed legislation to exhume Franco's remains wants to turn and vowed to let's cut us into a memorial for the victims of the brutal nineteen thirties wall that marked the start of Franco's fascist regime well I felt absolutely at angry and I thought to myself over my dead body hello good here is opposes that decision her father was a minister under Franco and she founded a campaign to keep Franco's body wears his unable twenty eight she says she'll vote for new come up party box which looks set to become the first far right party to sit in Spain's parliament since the nineteen seventies part of its election campaign is challenging the exhumation of Franco's remains was like a like a at orchestra director he directed the orchestra spayed and he got the best out of all the instruments and he got them to to play together and to make beautiful music , Franco's regime killed or imprisoned tens of thousands to stamp out dissent and up to five hundred thousand died in the war between his forces and leftist Republicans , forty four years after his death his legacy remains a source of deep division in Spanish society on the other side of that divide is Francisco Mendieta he examined his father to retire from a Franco era mass grave in twenty seventeen to give him a proper burial and he's got no sympathy with those upset by the plans for Franco's remains and less at either as the wounds of the people who have been in these mass graves and of their families have been bleeding for eighteen years stop what they're about to get gangrene so there was never any mercy so if this creates souls for those people then they deserve it , a major poll on Tuesday suggested folks could wind up to thirty seven seats in what looks to be one of Spain's most unpredictable and basically full to elections in decades