FIRST AIRED: April 23, 2019

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S. smartphones bring social media to every corner of the globe companies like Facebook are struggling to stop hate speech in other problematic content I'm able to keep up with the plethora of languages on this services where just tech reporter Paresh today has the story the issue right now is that Facebook %HESITATION it offers %HESITATION IT services in more than a hundred languages %HESITATION that means you know menu settings typing options are available in those more than one hundred languages but the content rules the community standards are only translated into about forty of them %HESITATION and I was as of early March %HESITATION the same problem exists with %HESITATION what Saban Instagram where there's big gaps between the number of languages supported and the number of languages in which community guidelines or terms of use are translated into Facebook relies heavily on its two billion users to flag content that potentially violates the rules but that's hard to do if they're not aware of the rules in the first place to deal with the mounting challenge Facebook is focused on creating automated tools to monitor content but some work in fewer than twenty languages the word is report found last year that hate speech on Facebook that helped foster ethnic cleansing in Myanmar went unchecked in part because Facebook until last year had insufficient tools and moderators for the local language human rights officials fear Facebook is moving too slow again in parts of Africa Facebook is trying to address the issue they just open their %HESITATION the first content moderation side or are acts in the process of opening it in sub Saharan Africa %HESITATION and that site %HESITATION will specialize in languages like Smalley and a few others %HESITATION and and show trying to bring that cultural context and cultural expertise locally to content moderation on is another step that Facebook %HESITATION is taking to try to deal with this issue in the stakes only growing countries thank , in Australia Singapore and the UK are now threatening harsh new regulations if a company fails to promptly remove objectionable pulse punishable by steep fines or even jail time for executives your