FIRST AIRED: April 9, 2019

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Reynaldo to meet as a fifty one year old construction worker from Cuba tried and field seven times to reach Florida by boat recently the media S. inspired by the coverage of migrant caravans heading from Central America to word the US decided to take a different route after flying into Guyana he hiked through Colombia and Panama and arrived in Mexico just a few weeks ago now he believes he is closer than ever to achieving the American dream twenty third a look up at all it was tough but there's nothing that cannot be achieved I'm almost where I want to be close to the border I'm only one step away and I hope that if god wants it I'll be there soon many Cubans who reach northern Mexico in recent months ultimately traveled with a smaller group and caravans were not a factor for all who left but critics say president trump's statements about the caravans including a series of angry tweets have ironically enlarge the groups and publicized asylum as a possible Avenue to legal status now migrants including Cubans are flooding into places like see you dad what is just south of el Paso despite its reputation as one of the world's most violent cities he can you believe there are more than three thousand migrants in so you'd add water and from those three thousand we calculate that eighty percent are Cuban the bottle neck highlights a new reality Cubans do not enjoy the same advantages they once did in the U. S. immigration system in two thousand seventeen president Barack Obama ended the wet foot dry foot policy which allowed Cubans who reach US soil to state but returned any intercepted at sea trump has taken an even tougher stance ruling back Obama era efforts aimed at warming relations but , the two countries the breakdown in ties has contributed to a sense of gloom on the economically weak island spurring migration to the U. S.