FIRST AIRED: April 10, 2019

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US president Donald Trump greeted the reelection of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu with optimism saying it improves the chances for peace between Israel and the Palestinians I think we have a chance and I think we have our better chance with maybe having won the White House has been promising a peace plan for two years which could be unveiled soon but very few people have seen a draft of the proposal that's because the authors namely trump's son in law Jared Kushner have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep it confidential in an administration characterized by leaks White House correspondent Steve Holland leave the principal people who have access to it are Christian and Jason Greenblatt who's a former lawyer to the president and is is a currently a White House senior adviser the US ambassador to Israel David Friedman and one of Kushner's deputies AVI Berkowitz %HESITATION the reason for this secrecy is they don't want little parts of it to get out in the Middle East and government start critiquing little pieces of it instead of the document as a whole they'd rather %HESITATION people take a look at the document on its own merits once they decide to put it out hopefully if we can resolve this issue will be able to see a lot more opportunity for the Palestinian people and for people the Israeli people and for the people throughout the region %HESITATION sure met with officials in Israel the Palestinian territories and the Arab Gulf states earlier this year soliciting input but offering a little insight into his proposal and this opacity is viewed by many through the lens of the trump administration's unabashedly pro Israel stance the White has moved its embassy to Jerusalem recognize Israeli sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights and cut international aid to Palestinians in Gaza Israel has been blessed to have many friends who sat in the oval office , but Israel has never had a better friend than you it's unknown whether the Kushner plan will call for an independent Palestinian state a core Arab demand a senior White House official says trump has been briefed on cushion is planned but is not believed to have read the entire proposal he's repeatedly told questioners team quote if you guys can get this done you're going to be the greatest negotiators in history