FIRST AIRED: April 16, 2019

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China's biggest Auto Show is shaping into a contest or make is to show how serious they are about going electric in a country with a big appetite for battery powered cots global brands of taking on schools of Chinese stops the season you models targeting the world's biggest com market include everything from low cost locally made E. vis the city streets to a battery powered supercar and their role aiming for some of the electric sales of Chinese market favorite Tesla road is Joe white reports from the show room floor the Shanghai Auto Show is turning into an electric vehicle rodeo I'm sitting in the ID rooms of Volkswagen electric of Thomas concept vehicle this vehicles like a living room on wheels and it's not real not yet but soon enough the Chinese market we'll have a lot of very real electric and eventually a Thomas vehicles because this market the largest in the world is where automakers are pouring in investment to electrify transportation set to hit the road in twenty twenty one V. W. says the ID rooms will go four hundred fifty kilometers or two hundred and eighty miles from one charge that hits it as a direct rival to Tesla's high end model X. and it's not the only product in the V. W. pipeline the company says they planning on thirty three electric vehicles for the company's family of brands by twenty twenty three electric vehicles are big in China for a number of reasons but a principal one is that the Chinese government wants automakers to stop burning petroleum they want them to go a lecture to clean up the air and help with energy security the challenge for the auto industry is that there are so many electric vehicles launched or ready to be launched in this market and coming over the next three to five years it's not at all clear that consumer demand will grow fast enough to give everybody a profitable for whole Toyotas , also showing their hand at Shanghai agreeing to sell electric hot technology to Chinese startup cingulata that's according to Reuters sources at both companies it's a deal that should allow the local firm to speed up its development of a mini AV that will be priced at just fifteen thousand dollars and based on a Toyota design from twenty twelve but the company is just one of more than fifty eighty start ups in China and which of those will actually make it to market he is almost anybody's guess