FIRST AIRED: April 5, 2019

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a regular red brick building on a regular at London St sandwiched between a regular British pub and a regular American coffee shop but on closer inspection our office more clues that this nondescript block was in fact a base of one of the world's most sophisticated spy services the London office of the UK's G. C. H. Q. eavesdropping agency set up in nineteen nineteen G. C. H. Q. listens in on communications from around the world Dwight tend to fight and disrupt threats to Britain is probably best known for breaking Japanese enigma code during World War two G. C. H. Q. has it's H. Q. in Cheltenham hundred miles west of the capital but it moved into the central London location in nineteen fifty three and office which played an important role in significant events like the twenty twelve Olympics this by service is one part of the five eyes consortium with agencies from the US Australia Canada and New Zealand G. C. H. Q. any reveals the palm a street address it's London hang for sixty six years on Friday after a meeting out lots of course no word on wet in the capital of the secretive agency has moved to