FIRST AIRED: April 8, 2019

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today the United States is continuing to build its maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime in an unprecedented move the US state department on Monday said it would label Iran's elite revolutionary guards corps a foreign terrorist organization it's the first time Washington is formally designated another country's military a terrorist group we're doing it because the Iranian regime use of terrorism as a toll statecraft makes it fundamentally different , from any other government the I. R. G. C. is Iran's most powerful security force designating it as a foreign TeraGrid is meant to hamper its ability to move money and operate internationally since taking office the trump administration withdrew from a multinational nuclear deal men's to block Iran from building nuclear weapons and it leveled sanctions against Tehran Washington is now targeting the I. R. G. C. which is says backs militant groups across the Middle East from Hezbollah in Lebanon to who the fighters in Yemen's civil war the United States has already blacklisted dozens of entities and people for affiliations with the I. R. G. C. but not the organization as a whole secretary of state Mike Pompeii %HESITATION blame to the I. R. G. sees commander Qassem Soleimani for the deaths of more than six hundred US service members in Iraq many of whom are killed by insurgents using explosives Washington said originated in Iran the blood of the six hundred and three American soldiers the Iranian regime is founder of killed in Iraq is on his hands and on the hands of the I. R. G. see more broadly but critics of warrant labeling the I. R. G. C. a terrorist group could complicate security matters in places such as a rock American troops are still on the ground there after vanquishing the Islamic state US led coalition air strikes and special forces played a key role in clearing a path for Iraqi malicious to retake isis territory many of those militias were made up of Iraqi Shiite volunteers trained and equipped by Iran's revolutionary guards runny lawmakers last week warned the nation would take reciprocal action in response to any threats to the I. R. G. C. the US as a nation it takes effect next week