FIRST AIRED: April 22, 2019

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it's compact and perfectly portable Sam son has postponed a media events for its highly anticipated foldable phone known as the galaxy fold which was set to be officially unveiled this week in Hong Kong and Shanghai the tech company did not elaborate on the reasons for the delay but it comes just days after journalists reported damage to the displays of samples handed out to the media that's enough to bring back memories of the exploding note seven batteries back in two thousand sixteen which tarnish the smartphone maker's image and wiped out billions of dollars in profits readers social media correspondent Angela moon and number as %HESITATION technology journalist in prominent publications who were given the galaxies fold just this week for a review started posting pictures %HESITATION and tweets of how their phones were working and mostly it was related to the screens either cracking or flickering %HESITATION and this is just happening within to store day or two of use %HESITATION so it was very concerning an alarming to people who had made pre orders to get this device need to your screen is so large that it the galaxy fold comes with an almost two thousand dollar price tag and has been hailed as the future of an industry that's in need of a shake up as global phone sales slow it looks like a normal smartphone at first glance but then opens up like a book to reveal a second display resulting in a screen size similar to a small tablets the thing about foldable phones to begin with they're very hard to produce obviously it puts a lot of pressure on the screens so analysts even before Samsung launched this product they've been saying that it's almost impossible to get it right and the first try I guess %HESITATION so they weren't expecting this to be like a perfect launch to begin with Samsung is only planning to make a million of these compared to the three hundred million phones it produces a year , a company official on Monday said the firm was thoroughly investigating the damage reports and declined to comment on whether there would be any change on the US release dates currently set for April twenty six