FIRST AIRED: April 15, 2019

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a tense standoff in the Sudanese capital how to protest is all pushing for a quick transition to civilian rule after a long time ruler presidents %HESITATION mild Brashear was ousted protesters what defiance after an attempt to break up the assistant they've been Hey outside the defense ministry since April sixth , Saddam's army has announced that is removed and detained Bechet after three years in power in assessing up a transitional military council to run the country but the armed forces in both sedan and Algeria where protesters civil suit toppled that leader of twenty years off following the same script the dispelled at millions of Arabs since the twenty eleven uprisings which is special at least correspondents Michael Georgie cover the Arab spring and explains from to buy something very striking in Sudan is they they compared their their plight with the %HESITATION the template which Egyptology which was the army said on the sidelines which at the time that it really %HESITATION show what was about to happen people were happy they work the reading but actually they wanted to get Mubarak out and %HESITATION and the head of the army actually effectively pushed him out because the security was getting out of hand so the Sudanese people are saying it's either victory or Egypt that that they want to avoid that situation where the military exploits the turmoil and makes promises like election but at the end of the day they're still calling the shots any future civilian leader in Sudan or Algeria will need the support of the army and to those Arab spring up people's race types of political and economic reforms but in many places ousted autocrats being replaced by leaders you also fail to create jobs and erotic cake poverty and corruption , in Algeria unemployment among the young is high in Sudan the process down today the bread prices and poor living conditions bus as Algerians and sit in the seat more freedom and best of prospects turmoil elsewhere in the region suggests that hopes for a better future may be disappointed