FIRST AIRED: April 18, 2019

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social media company pay interest on the eve of its hotly anticipated IPO Thursday price did shares at nineteen dollars each valuing the company above twelve billion dollars the share price sitting higher than the fifteen to seventeen dollar range the company set just over a week ago ended indication that the IPO market which got off to a shaky start in twenty nineteen could be finding its footing says Reuters correspondent Josh Franklin there's a lot of expectations and that it was going to be kind of one of the biggest years ever for the tech IPO market with all these companies you know %HESITATION bird left Pinterest going public %HESITATION list was %HESITATION the first tech company really to to go public this year and after kind of looking at first like a like a big success a home run for lift it's really struggled in trading which kind of spooked %HESITATION spoke some people little bits of Pinterest is going to be an interesting interesting test of the market again Pinterest like lift a new birth has yet to turn a profit it's two hundred and fifty million users are shy of Twitter's more than three hundred million and lag way behind the billion plus on Instagram and Facebook but many Pinterest bands are women looking to buy products something the company hopes will help spur ad sales the upside if your %HESITATION if your investor is you know you got to to tap into a %HESITATION what they what people would hope is is a growth the company you know revenues of the company I think or sixty percent last year it's also it's an emerging company and it's kind of speaks a little bit to the steam about how consumer habits are changing in terms of how their their purchasing and sourcing new new products and you know normally kind of Pinterest is perhaps no more associated with %HESITATION you know kind of wedding photos and and food and hair cuts and home decor and things like that and I think what they're hoping to try to move into is more things in financial services and media %HESITATION and kind of the auto industry as well the risks as with any social media company data privacy could be an issue as well as the brand simply cooling off another tech company video conferencing service zoom priced it shares at , thirty six dollars apiece Wednesday according to reports the Biggie of this year's tech bunch uber could go public as soon as this month Pinterest begins trading Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange