FIRST AIRED: April 18, 2019

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with special counsel Robert Muller is four hundred page report hours from being released the world will finally get its first look at how balor himself sizes up his nearly two year probe of Russia's role in the twenty sixteen presidential election until now the only clues have been in a four page summary from Attorney General William Barr which said molar crown trump's campaign had not conspired with Russia there was no collusion but it left many other questions unanswered Reuters correspondent sterile Lynch will be at the justice department when the report is released to Congress and the public and we're going to be going through it with a fine tooth comb to look for any new information that is already not been reported the big question how much of it will look like this skeptics worry the blacked out sections notice redactions like these from a previous court filing related to the probe could keep large portions of molars report unavailable to the American public bar has said his redactions will come in four categories sensitive intelligence grand jury material details of current investigations in specific some people who have not been charged but barchart dot one tantalizing exception bar told Congress not long ago in testimony at the evidence related to obstruction of justice in the president's behavior will not be redacted that's important because in his summary to Congress last month Barr said Miller left open whether or not trump himself had obstructed justice dobar said no charges would be filed there was evidence presented on both sides of the question evidence for an evidence against and what we will be looking for is any information particularly information that is not yet publicly known that is potentially damning for president trump and exonerating for president trump much of this evidence is expected to be revealed we would assume for example that that would include the firing of James call me there's been a lot of instances of trump bashing the justice department and the FBI a particular certain if , feels like former deputy director Andrew McCabe who was eventually fired those sorts of examples are things that we know and we would expect would be in this report on top of that court documents filed by Miller refer to numerous contacts between trump campaign figures and Russia in the probe revealed an openness to out reach from Russians including by trump son done junior who in June twenty sixteen along with other top aides took a trump tower meeting with the Russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton there are number of names high profile names that have come up time and again connection with this investigation especially the president's son in law Jared Kushner and Donald junior and we would be looking to see if there could be any information about why those individuals are not facing prosecution historically the justice department does not reveal such information %HESITATION because it can damage their reputation bars due to have a news conference about the release at nine thirty AM