FIRST AIRED: April 11, 2019

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with uber gearing up to formally filed to go public Thursday the ride hailing giants will inevitably be compared to with smaller rival lift which just went public last month , the following lists recent bad stock market performance investors will be scrutinizing Cooper's business closely as they get their first look at its numbers in operations through the filing here are some key financial metrics investors will be watching for once Hooper opens up its books first because Hooper is much larger than lift with operations that go beyond its right healing business and extend into areas like food delivery and markets ranging from the US to North Africa it clocks much higher revenues then lift but looking at growth Hoover may take a backseat to its smaller rival since lived has rapidly been gaining market share meaning it's revenue growth has been out since the movers next is profitability in this case both companies will look very similar in one major way both don't make any money but over is expected to argue that its scale we'll give it a big advantage in terms of profitability over the long run it will likely also point out that its year over year losses are down well lifts picked up over the seam time frame another number investors will be looking at is monthly active users lift had nearly seventeen million monthly active writers in the fourth quarter of twenty eighteen uber is likely to have much more than that due to its wider global presence