FIRST AIRED: July 22, 2019

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president has absolutely said that they should not have chanted center back Republicans on Sunday struggled to redefine the narrative a week after the president's tweets touched up accusations of race baiting and after Donald Trump supporters launched into a chance that even he tried this about , well I think you've heard him say that the chant was inappropriate we've also the chant was inappropriate I think the news media really wants to make this about race you just did it representative Liz Cheney the third ranking house Republican on Sunday told CBS news that the president's attacks on for democratic Congress women who are either black Hispanic or Muslim we're not about race but about those lawmakers policies they're advocating policies that will destroy this nation and we will fight against it and I think the news media you included audit covered the substance trump had tweeted that the four women three of whom were born in America should could go back to the places they came from the tweet prompted a congressional resolution last week condemning his words as racist the next day trump supporters at a rally chanted send her back about Somali born Minnesota representative bill hunt Omar I felt a little bit about it trump later said he did not agree with the center back sentiment but he has since left to defend the chanters those are incredible people those are incredible pictures , failed the president of the tweets and the chance over the weekend once you start telling American citizens to quote go back to your own countries this tells you that this president's policies are not about immigration it's about ethnicity and race as a representative Alexandria cause you Cortez one of the targets of trump's vitriol applauded for decrying the president in their shared home town of New York on Saturday campaigning in Las Vegas democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden compared to Donald Trump tuna validly segregationist Republican from the nineteen sixties they said before these guys a lot more George Wallace in George Washington by and large publicans have defended trump claims the tweets are not about race at all but Democrats see him as seizing on race as the twenty twenty election approaches %HESITATION I think you're a tragically the president has decided that racism is good politics on Sunday trump continued his attacks on the lawmakers tweeting that he didn't believe that they were quite capable of loving our country and that they should apologize